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staylencloudy asked:
I totally agree a your o2l rant btw, even Kian and Jc have said they are losing inspiration and I get it bc it happened to all of us. And with people still thinking Sam and Trevor aren't creating their "best" content even less people are watching them.

(im gonna make this public so other people can see) 

i agree, i think the idea of them sort of went stale (they didnt as people, but their IDEA) and i think its sad. Same with Trevor and Sam. o2l is not what it used to be before, and unless they take a break, look whats really ahead of them and reevaluate themselves as a group there wont be change. If you think of the first 3 weeks after connor left, they were great, they were all really inspired, they put time and effort now its just meh :/ yeah it sucks 

quick rant about o2l falling apart


cute lil shit

i think its hard for me to admit but i think o2l is slowly falling apart and its really sad :( 

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OMG ARE YOU DOING SHIPS????? can i have one? (lol in know youve probs done so many for many but still) hi im karin im blonde, wavy hair, blue eyes, i love a good party and a good adventure and just relaxing (im also 18 but idk if thats relevant??) hahah okay ily thx


ive literally only done one so (: 


O2L Ship: Kian

I think you and kian would be really cute together bc like imagine cuddling him at night after a date and you both would complain about going home since the date went really well and you both loved spending time together (you both dont get to that much). I can also imagine after like your 3rd date thats when he would give you one of his hoodies to keep, and it would be so warm and comfotable… 


also this was so cute and now im in the mood to read a full on imagine bc ughfeelsandsingleness

ily so much